Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to...

Request a school letter:

School letters are distributed from 9:00am to 1:00pm Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Letters must be requested by calling the main office.School letters can only be given to the parent/guardian of the student with a photo ID as proof of identity. Parents or guardians will be asked to sign for receipt of the letter. 

Request Metro cards:

Metro cards are distributed the first week of school ONLY to students who's permanent address is more than half a mile (but less than 1.5 miles) away from the school. If a Metro card is lost, the student must report it to Ms. Emma in the main office to be issued a replacement.

Update my address or phone number:

Parents or guardians must report any changes in the Blue Card information as soon as possible by contacting the main office.

Speak to my child's teacher:

Our school uses the KINVO platform for staff-family communication. Staff will be able to directly text message you through this secure phone application. Families are automatically registered when a cell number number is provided to the school. 

Report an incident:

In the event that a student or family member needs to report an incident or issue, please contact the school's Parent Coordinator.

Important Contacts

Afterschool Program: Mr. Grant

Attendance: Ms. Scott

Bilingual Education Program: Ms. De Jesus

Busing: Ms. Mary

Community Room Events: Ms. Pilar, Ms. Mia

Incidents: Mr. Robles

Individualized Education Plans: Mr. Steigman

Kinvo Access: Ms. Pilar

Metro Cards: Ms. Emma

Registration: Ms. Emma

School Leadership Team: Ms. De Jesus

School Letters: Ms. Emma

Visit our staff directory to email any of the individuals listed above.


Important Phone Numbers

Main Office: 718-328-2105

Health Clinic/Nurse: 347-821-3270

Ms. Emma, Community Associate: 646-634-3126

Mr. Grant, CityYear After school Program: 347-769-2794

Ms. Pilar, Community Room: 914-327-1035

Mr. Robles, Parent Coordinator: 914-874-1180